Flipping Report

A national analysis of properties bought and sold for profit
Released Biannually

Current Edition: December 2017
Data Period: June 2017


About this report:

The Flipping Report provides a national analysis of properties that were bought and resold within a short time frame with the purpose of making a profit. The research measures properties that were flipped within one year of purchase, and within one to two years of purchase. It also tracks national trends in flipping over a 20 year period, from June 1997 to June 2017. Click here to view a sample report.

Who should use this report:

The Flipping Report is suitable for property investors, market followers, economic researchers, real estate agents or anyone wanting to better understand flipping property.

What do I receive?

This report contains:

  • About CoreLogic
  • Introduction
  • National Analysis
    - Flipping Characteristics by State
    - Capital Cities vs Regions
  • State by State Analysis
    - New South Wales
    - Queensland
    - South Australia
    - Western Australia
    - Tasmania
    - Northern Territory
    - Australian Capital Territory
    - Victoria

Delivery of your report:

Reports can be delivered via email free of charge. This report size is up to 4MB so please ensure you can receive a file this size before placing your order.