The Future of Real Estate & Property Finance Industries Report

How real estate agents can thrive during digital disruption
One-off Report | 2017

Future of Real Estate Report

What does the future hold for real estate agents and property finance professionals? How are the five big technology megatrends – mobile, the cloud, big data and analytics, connected communities and electronic servants (AI) – creating disintermediation and changing consumer expectations? The Future of Real Estate and Property Finance Industries Report examines new business models for the industry, the new technology to pay attention to next, and how to survive and thrive in the new world.

About this report:

The Future of Real Estate Report is a landmark report that examines the major technology trends that are causing disruption with the property industry, and overlays that with changing consumer behaviour and demands. It is a powerful guide on how real estate agents can survive and thrive a period of disintermediation. The report identifies a new business model for agents and articulates steps agents can take to become digital businesses.

Who should use this report:

This report is essential reading for real estate principals, sales agents, franchise executives, real estate service providers and property industry trainers, or anyone wanting to better understand the impact of technology and digital disruption upon the real estate and property services industries.

What do I receive?

This report contains:

  • Welcome
  • The Future is Already Here
  • Digital Disruption – The Story So Far
  • The Megatrends Driving New Technology
  • How Technology is Changing Behaviour and Decision Making
  • What Consumers Want
  • The New Business Model
  • Technology & Partnering
  • About the Authors
  • References

Delivery of your report:

Reports can be delivered via email free of charge. The report size is up to 4MB so please ensure you can receive a file this size before placing your order.