Real eState of Leadership

Insights into what leadership in the real estate industry really looks like
One-off Report | 2017

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The Real eState of Leadership Report is a one-off analysis on how leadership in the real estate industry is viewed by Principals, Sales Agents, Property Managers and Administrative staff. View the Executive Summary here. 

About this report:

The Real eState of Leadership Report is a landmark report that analyses the role that key leadership behaviours and practices play in the financial success of real estate businesses. The research shows how high calibre principals and agents who have mastered vital leadership skills run tighter ships that are more profitable, have better employee engagement and are more transparent around process and client management. The report examines what these practices are, how they are currently experienced in real estate businesses across Australia and New Zealand and how they can be improved.

Who should use this report:

This report is essential reading for principals, agents and anyone interesting in leadership and training within the property industry.  

What do I receive? 

This report contains
  • Overview and key insights
  • What the real estate industry looks like
    Experience versus age
    How principals and agents compare
  • Education levels, experience and success in real estate
    How experience affects perceptions of leadership
  • How good is leadership in real estate?
    Franchises or Independents – who is better at leadership?
  • Leadership styles
  • Navigating people and performance
  • Perceptions of leadership skills
  • Walking the talk of leadership
  • Perceptions of management routines, engagement and empowerment
  • Business planning practices
  • Managing performance
  • Navigating people
  • Does good leadership deliver better financial results in real estate?
  • Leadership challenges in real estate
  • Are current training deliveries hitting the mark?
  • How does real estate leadership compare to Australian standards?

Special Credit

The Real eState of Leadership Report was a collaboration with Tanja M Jones from TMJCOACHING.

Delivery of your report:

Reports can be delivered via email free of charge. The report size is up to 4MB so please ensure you can receive a file this size before placing your order.